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AMASS has a thriving transport sector, as well as an open trade policy and a comparatively strong domestic market, to eventually put Sierra Leone in the position of the best performer in West Africa. AMASS aims to utilize trade facilitation logistics to improve the transport infrastructure in Sierra Leone. We are passionate about our vehicles and our customers. Our primary goal is to provide you with a rental vehicle that suits your needs at a rate you can afford. AMASS Car Rental’s hassle-free process ensures that you receive the type of vehicle you want by meeting or exceeding your expectations every time.

Whether you’re flying into our airport or if you are renting a car as a result of a stressful situation such as a car accident, or for business, convenience or pleasure, we provide a rental experience that helps alleviate some of that stress. We’re always trying to brighten our customers’ day!

As we continue to grow, we can ensure that our fleet of vehicles is always close when you need us. Because of amazing customers like you, we’re able to expand quickly and look to bring you the quality and competitive prices – anywhere you might need us!

The need to move goods to inland centres of commerce has created a transport intensive domestic economy. The transport sector is a key contributor to any country’s competitiveness in global markets. As a result, AMASS provides the country’s transport infrastructure in a modern and most developed in Africa.

We specialize in ports, air transportation, rail, and road transportation for private, commercial and industrial entities.



Renting Your Car from Us is Simple

We make it as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Provide Your Identification​

We require two forms of identification for every renter. We need your valid driver’s license along with a second piece of government or bank card. If you have any questions about whether your second piece of identification is acceptable, please feel free to contact us.


2. Provide Proof of Insurance

We prefer all of our renters to have full coverage on their personal vehicle. It shows that you care for your own vehicle, and it helps reassure us that you are going to care for our cars. Please provide a signed copy of your insurance certificate as part of the rental process. If you do not have full coverage insurance, please contact one of our locations for more details. We will provide you with insurance coverage for the duration of your rental.


3. Pay… Then You’re On Your Way!

Once we receive your payment, you’re ready to ride in one of our rental vehicles. Major credit cards and/or cash are accepted forms of payment.


Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Needs:






  • SUV




Corporate Fleet Info


Avoid Gaps in your Services


Giving You a Piece of Mind for Your Business

We have a corporate fleet program that is designed to ensure your services run smoothly at all times. We take great care to ensure that your employees have access to safe, well-maintained vehicles at all times, helping you avoid downtime. We know how important your fleet is to your business, and we take great pride in offering reliable fleet services to a variety of businesses. Like our rental fleet, our corporate fleet is made up of current-year models, and all ongoing maintenance is included as part of your service level agreement. If you are interested in having Executive Car Rental manage your corporate fleet, contact us today.


Provide Transportation For Your Clients

Let Them Know Their Travel Needs Are Taken Care Of

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to meet your client’s travel and vehicle accommodations while in Michigan, look no further than Executive Car Rental. We offer pick-up and drop-off services at most area hotels and travel destinations to ensure your client has the vehicle they need where and when they need it. If you are interested in coupling our client travelling services with your client’s rental, please contact us for more information.


A Special Ride for Your Special Day

Arrive in one of our stylish vehicles

  • Weddings

  • Graduation

  • Interviews

  • Business meetings etc.

*We can deliver the car to you and pick it up from your at you request*

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