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The pharmaceutical industry in Sierra Leone is growing at an annual compound rate. The market is mainly made up of the urban clients and private hospitals. Most of the drugs are sold as over the counter drugs while prescribed drugs contribute to the other segment. Most of the clients do prefer the branded products to the generic. One thing that deals to the success of this industry is that the distributors have established good networks where they supply the drugs.

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Prescription Drugs

The Sierra Leonean pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a lot of corruption cases which leads to a lot of controversies. The major issue of this industry being corrupt has led to Sierra Leone being ranked 20th in Pharmaceutical and healthcare reward index. This has led to a number of other problems such as:

1. Large counterfeits drugs industry

2. Poor health care

As a result, AMASS Pharmaceuticals enter into legally binding distribution agreements with reputable Pharma companies globally to ensure that safe drugs are consumed by the general population in Sierra Leone.


AMASS also strives to ensure proper regulation of the pharmaceutical industry in Sierra Leone through professional advocacy and lobbying.


The pharmaceutical sector consists of more than 35 certified units. In these units there are both the local manufacturing companies and multi-national corporations. Most of the pharmaceutical industries are located within Sierra Leone and its environs.

Pharmacy Counter


AMASS Pharmaceutical’s consultation team helps different qualified pharmaceutical companies who offer various services such as clinical trial of some of the drugs that have been developed.

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