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Sierra Leone is blessed with fisheries resources from marine, freshwater, riverine and wetland species. By making use of these resources, the sector provides direct employment of about 183,800 fishers. It provides income for local people from foreign earnings, food for coastal and upcountry communities and also contributes to GDP.

AMASS has a Fishing sector that is a full-time service, operating large tournament-rigged boats seven days a week. We pride ourselves in providing the best fishing experience at the most reasonable rates, both recreationally and for commercial import and export.

Sierra Leone currently lacks hygiene approval from the European Union, and so AMASS strives to be permitted to export fish and fishery products to the EU. Achieving the sanitary conditions for the export of fish, and to help develop a well regulated sanitary condition for Sierra Leone is the goal.

AMASS offers handling and quality management practices that prevent post-harvest losses and contamination with harmful hazards. We are the pioneers of the regularity of checks on vessels and establishments to put Sierra Leone in compliance with the EU and to strengthen the nation’s export certification procedures.

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Note that each fish that you catch gives you the feeling of an achievement and yes, its a great achievement. 

So enjoy fishing with AMASS anytime, anywhere!

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