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AMASS Clearing & Forwarding is a leading freight, shipping and logistics services provider in the Western Region of Africa, operating out of Freetown Sierra Leone. The main focus of our business is on Inter Continental Sea.


Air freight and Shipping Services. We specialize in meeting the logistics needs of our Multinational Clients especially those in the automotive, electronics, telecommunication, oil and energy, and chemical sectors, also small & medium enterprises benefit from our services.

Our greatest assets are team-work, safety of environment, cautiousness and outstanding human resource development. We transform this valued experience into our operations, packaged with our exclusive blend of care and attention to special needs.


AMASS Clearing & Forwarding serves its clients importing into Sierra Leone, whether Sea or Air port. Our expertise extends across our Logistics planning and management, documentation and warehousing service.

We serve: Oil servicing companies, engineering, telecoms, manufacturing, construction, chemical, automobiles, hospital equipment’s, Personal effects etc.

Our Services Includes:

  • Air and sea freight

  • Door to door services

  • Pick up and collection of goods worldwide.

  • Custom clearing at both air and sea port.

  • Handling of chartered cargoes.

  • Handling of dangerous cargoes and chemicals.

  • Handling of break bulk shipments.

  • Handling of heavy machineries and equipment.

  • Export services.

  • Handling

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