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In Sierra Leone today, more than 80% live on subsistence agriculture. It is time to modernize agriculture and make it an income generation activity. AMASS Agriculture aims at eradicating poverty in Sierra Leone, by resolving social ills in the country driven by hunger, unemployment and gross inequality.

AMASS will work along with the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) to align its investment opportunities on that competitive global scale that will also benefit the country.

AMASS has identified three keys that will be instrumental in its success. The first is the implementation of strict financial controls. By having the proper controls, production efficiency will be maximized.

The second key will be the never ending pursuit for the industry’s highest concentration levels of staple foods each planting season to reduce import of locally grown produce, while empowering local farmers. The third key is the recognition and implementation of the philosophy that 100% customer satisfaction both for our growers and consumers that is required to ensure a profitable business. Profits are a by product of satisfying customers, not the other way around.

Future agricultural growth in Sierra Leone will be driven by demographic factors both externally and internally. AMASS aims at positioning Sierra Leone in the most beneficial way to benefit from future exports.

This way we will improve the country’s demographic dividend, rise income levels, eradicate hunger, encourage and empower subsistence farming and put Sierra Leone on the global map for competitive farming and exports.

Free Range Chicken Farm

Amass' attitude and understanding towards agriculture basically depends on industrialization whether or not it is considered good or bad or a diversified blessing; and the increasing amount of the food in money terms is collected beyond the farm gate. And as a result, Amass is seeing renewed interest in investing in value added activities.

Fresh Organic Vegetables
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