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Amass Real Estate Services delivers positive oriented results and enhanced value for its clients through a combination of expert analysis, market knowledge, talent and collaboration. Our real estate team is poised to providing services from property purchase to property sale, property valuation, property management, tenant and landlord representation and/or the leasing of a property. We assist with land, office, retail, residential, multifamily and industrial/commercial properties for clients at any stage of their ownership succession.

For the past years, AMASS has focused on residential property management and real estate sales within the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Our success as an autonomous real estate agency has been built on personal referrals from satisfied clients, tenants and landlords.

Our team of seasoned and highly motivated professionals enables us to guarantee a consistently high standard of customized real estate service and attention to detail. Unlike most property management companies,


AMASS does not overburden its managers with an untenable number of properties in their portfolios. Dedicated to quality over quantity, our managers are therefore able to provide faster response times and heightened service tailored to our owners and residents. Our team also uses its real estate and financial acumen to achieve optimum prices for our clients, whether it's a disposition or acquisition of a property or properties.

The Real Estate Services’ team has deep talent and experience, boasting millions in career transactions. The extensive knowledge and expertise of these highly skilled professionals play a prominent role in achieving successful results.

We combine in-depth analysis of each property with consideration from different investor perspectives, while including cash-flow models and anticipated returns to obtain information vital for making wise investment decisions.


As one of the most mineral rich countries in the world, Sierra Leone lacks a constructive mining industry that can maximize on its potential and be competitive on a global scale. There are many mining business opportunities to be found in Sierra Leone.


AMASS brings to the table the potential to conduct systematic explorations to bring to account economically viable discoveries to acquire assets considered and marginal or sub-economic by other miners.

Our competitive advantages are:

• Our technical skills

• Our low cost operating structures

• Our entrepreneurial spirit


AMASS has made application for prospecting permits in respect of other diamondiferous kimberlite pipes and fissures as well as alluvial deposits at other locations throughout Sierra Leone.

There is currently a shortage in the supply of rough diamonds worldwide. Unfortunately, the resultant upward pressure on diamond prices has, to a large extent, been offset by the strength of the Leone against the US Dollar. Leone strength may also have made the cost of exploration in Sierra Leone for overseas companies prohibitive. However, the fundamental shortfall between the supply of and demand for rough diamonds vindicates our management’s strategy of investing in exploration and new business development.

We are proud to have been in the business for years now. Our know-how is recognized across the globe. Precious stones have been treasured for ages from the pretty nuggets picked up and strung on a cord by seekers and gatherers to the head jewelries of kings and queens.


Our uncensored diamonds are purchased and then exported and sold abroad. We work in close collaboration with exporters and cutting companies that handle rough diamonds and gem stones.

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